This white ribbon shirt is made of delicate and comfortable materials. Streamer design adds elegance and softness to the shape. The beige high waist Capris on the lower body are soft and comfortable, and pointed high heels further extend the length of legs. The overall shape is simple and generous without losing temperament. Dressings in the workplace are the best way to avoid procrastination and have no waist circumference. Therefore, when choosing trousers, it is recommended that office workers give priority to trousers with high waist design, such as high waist Capris or high waist A-shaped shorts. All types of trousers can improve the waistline. The style of this white shirt is simple. High waist loose pants, loose pants and draped fabric easily inject chic and soft colors into the workplace. When using shirts and high waisted pants, if the shirt is worn alone, remember to tuck the hem in to leave the appropriate proportion. The trousers are simple and neat, while the high waist skirt is elegant and gentle. White collar workers who like light temperament and mature style will not miss it
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