High waist skirts have different colors styles, materials and lengths, and their upper body effects will be different. When used in the workplace, it is recommended that women prefer medium and long skirts between knees and ankles. It's best to hang up the material. The color falls smoothly and can be considered soft and soothing beige, white, apricot or Morandi. In terms of style, high waist pleated skirt, A-line skirt, fishtail skirt or open slit skirt are suitable for slightly mature women. Knitwear and shirt are good partners for these high waist skirts.

Among them, knitted garments and skirts are soft and elegant, very feminine. Cream color bubble sleeve short knitted sweater, with cream color high waist hip wrapped fish skirt, bubble sleeve, buckle and fish mouth swing design to enhance the sense of delicacy, combined with soft colors, it is easy to create a simple but intellectual temperament. In addition to beige, cream or milk tea, fog blue is also a high-end color suitable for the workplace

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